Sample chapter from Report Writing
"Writing for Your Readers"

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1   Writing for your readers    1
    1.1    What do I need to know to write a report?    2
    1.2    Q1. Who will read my report?    2
    1.3    Q2. What questions do my readers want answered?    5
    1.4    Q3. What level of language will my readers understand?    6
    1.5    Q4: How much do my readers want?    9
    1.6    Q5: When is my report due?    9
    1.7    How do I find all these answers?    10
    1.8    How do I keep track of what everyone wants?    11
    1.9    Headings are a writer's best friend    12
    1.10   What if their needs conflict?    13
    1.11   Isn't this a whole lot of work?    14
    1.12   Report or proposal: readers first or writer first?    15
    1.13   What about objectives?    16
    1.14   Checklist: getting started    17


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